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Hello every body!

Well today I haven't done much, we had 2 hours of P.E. today! So boring but so fun. Jane looked good today! Hmm well right now marylou I am updating in my 5 period class. How fun. Today Miss. Takacs is staring at me typing write now. What a homo erectus. She said "Jane looked good today?" and I said "She sure did" I was like hey you shouldn't be reading my shit dammit, do I read your little black book???!@!!! NOOOOOOO Now Tarek is readin my shit!@!! He's singing some stupid shit. Now ANna is readin my shit. WHAT IS THIS ABOUT DAMMIT!@@!@ Ok now no one is around me. Hmm what to talk about. Well today I am buying a new C.D. its DarkThrone GoatLord. It is going to be super good! I can't wait till after school. Ok, well I havent seen Noe since monday :( (haha jk) Allright now I am running out of topics to speak of. Ok well I will see you tomrrow. Adios every body

Give peace a chance

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