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Hello every body!

Well as I sit here in my typing class for 2 long hours I am very bored. This asshole that sits next to me is named Justin Simmions is a dick head and guzzels cum by the gallon. My friend Eddy is sitting right next to me (I moved). Well I bought that Darkthrone C.D. Goat Lord, it is super good. By the end of the week I will own another Darkthrone C.D. PanzerFast (if that is how it is spelled I do not remember correctly) that record is super good. Right now I am hungry and am pondering what I am going to eat for lunch. Hmm, I am probably going to have some chips and soda. Dr. Pepper of course. I also often wonder how my entries seem to be better than my friends. What I mean by that is the length and punctuation. Never mind the length. I am jsut rambling on and on and on. Hmm hopefully Kristen will buy those records I want to sell to her so I can buy intern that Darkthrone record. Ok well now I am going to leave and go be bored some more. Ohh I forgot to mention what I had for breakfest. I had biscuits and gravy and bacon and scrambled eggs. Yum Yum Yum so goooooooddd!! Now that I thought of that I am really hungry now. Ok well I am leaving now. Speak to you later Marylou. And I have not spoke to Noe lately (just incase your wondering)

Give peace a chance

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