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Hello every !body

Well today is that stupid every 15 minutes shit. Man that type of shit pisses me off. People die every day. It was just there turn to pass. Just like the truth, oh man don't even get me started with that. I hate it so much, if you want to smoke that is your descision! I could flately give a fuck if you smoke or not. Frankely, I use to smoke and I enjoyed it. I quit because i decided to, that is all. Ok well enuff of that stuff. Today I am going to get another Darkthrone C.D. PanzerFaust. It is super good, just like Goatlord. Super good. Well last nite I watched Meet the Feebles. It was super funny, it is about puppets that have sex, shoot up herion, fuck, kill, and every thing else. I also got the first Venom and the 2 cd Venom pack. It is super cool. Ok well I have to start my work now. Oh by the way, how is it going Marylou? Its all good over here, well not really. This summer is going to be cool, but I am going to slip deeper into the world of "single" because I won't be getting out much and stuff. You know how it is don't you? DON'T YOU???@@#!$ IT SUCKS TO MUCH COCK I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE!!@@!!#$@!**&^% O well. I wonder if Jane has aol or aim? That would be cool, wouldn't it? Ok well I have to start my work now. Untill nextime,

Give peace a chance

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