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Hello every body!

Hmm well were to begin? I didn't end up buying that Darkthrone cd. I have to save my money up tdo get that Emperor 5 pic disk lp box set. Its going to be super cool. And on top of that box set, I am also going to buy that Darkthrone cd and another record. I can't wait till that day! It will be super sweet!! Well my back hurts and its getting late and im tired. Oh, I saw the mummy returns. It is pretty cool. I like it. I don't want to ruin it for any body that is going to go see it, so I'll keep my moth shut. So how is it going Marylou? DAMMIT UPDATE DAMMIT!! I UPDATE EVERY DAY WHY CANT YOU? It only takes like 10 minutes of your time. Im cranky right now because im tired and sleepy. So untill next time. Oh, i almost for got! HAPPY BIRTH DAY TOM!

Give peace a chance

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