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Hello every body!

Hmm, well lets see, I am unconfortable right now. I don't knwo what to say. I honestly have nothing to say, other than I am giong to hopefully see my exploited record that i have for 35 bux! Than I can finally get that box set plus alot more! Hmm, well I am super hungry right now, i have no money and will probaly end up spending my dollar at lunch. But that is what my stomach says. Hmm well thanx for updating marylou (even though that it was't much of an update!) Well I emailed noe and no response yet. I never get one. I hope to see her soon. Well I am super bored right now, time passes by so slowy. I am so hungry right now! AND I HAVE NOTHING TO EAT NOR NO MONEY TO SPEND!@$@*Y*^&*#@! Right now I want some breakfest, some nice beans, eggs, chorizo, with a PHAT bowl of menudo and all the black coffee I want! I am very hungry. But hopefully I can get some type of food at lunch. So yes, hmm well I am not exactly sure of what I am typing right now but as always hmm I am just bored. I sure wish noe would reply. Sad isn't it? Hmm I wish I had my cat with me right now in this wretched class.!!@&%&^$%&!& Well I went to scratch my stomach and me happy trail is getting much thicker. Hmm, well I dont know what i am going to do when i get home. I am probally going to go home and stuff my face with all the food i can get my hands on. I am going to make my self a cup of noodles and an ice cold Dr. Pepper and some peanuts, and top it off with a chocolate shake. Hmm well looks like i am talking about food again. Ok well i have been doing this for what it seems like 45 minutes(i wouldn't doubt it!) So untill next time

Give peace a chance

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