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Hello every body!

Hmm, well I have not updated in a while, well for me it is a while. Hmm I sit here in typing class hungry. WHY HAVENT YOU MARYLOU UPDATED?&^$^ HUH??!@#$@$# ITS NOT THAT HARD, I KNOW YOU COME AND READ MY UPDATES!!@%#$& SO WHY DON'T YOU UPDATE$#$@^%@#!@@!@#@!@! Im sorry I had to get that off my chest and release some anger. Hmm well I donnt know, I hope all goes well with u buying that dime. Can I come over and you know "hump" you? and smoke with you? HAHAHHAHAHAH##@!$$#! YOU WISH I'D HUMP YOU#$$%##@!@ Im sorry for that, just bored and wishing i was getting a dime, (ssiiiggggh) But you know i would. :). Hmm well last nite Noe went out side her house because she wanted to wave to me, and of course I went out side, but her dads car was in the way so i couldn't see her :( we talked alot last nite, it was cool. When she was leaving she said, buh byes i love ya, and i said adios, i wish. Well hmm what to blab about, when I get that Joydivision cd I'll let u borrow it, it supergood, you'll like them. Now, imam start my work, so untill next time,

Peace can only come through understanding.

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