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Hello every body!

Well apperentaly I didnt update yesterday, sorry i forgot why i didnt. Hmm well i dont know what to talk about. I got my shirts yesterday, they are beautiful. I am still laughing how marylou used my 25 bux for her makeup. Thats cool, but i dont care. Well I was listening to my Joy Division record last nite, its so good. I am probally going to get another just to own a backup copy. Well right now i am pretty hungry, hmm i bought a pagans record, its old pissed off punk, why are the pagans good? Hmm I am bored right now and i am hungry, ooh that reminds me i got caught stealing yesterday from the lunchline, next time i am getting suspended, i was like yes, i got away with out any thing. I am so lucky. I had it hidden perfectly to. O well? Hmm i opend my Germs record yesterday, well one of them, its transparent, clear vinal. That record is so good to. I got a saturday school but i am going to push it back till next weekend cause i got plans for this weekend. Ok now i have to start my work and stuff. So untill nextime. What up trevor?

Give peace a chance

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