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Hello every body!

Hmm well I have to this crappy tutorial on HTML it would be a snap but i have to include all this stupid shit like tables, nest table, marquies, frames, bullited lists, graphics and a bunch of other stupid shit. Man it sux, i dont have much done on it either. Im probally going to do it all this weekend at my dads though, he will help a lot. Well what to blab about, hmm i dont know. Crap, I want to get that Emperor 5 pic disk lp box set but that will kill all the money i have and i need to buy 2 more Darkthrone cds and an Isengard cd. Damn so much to buy but so little money. That is when i get that job hopefully ill be making bank. Ill have like money to spend, then with that money i have earned i will buy smoking monkeys and they will help me take bach the rainforest for there relatives. After the rainforest I will take over the MLB. But anyways thats for the future. I was in my back yard all day yesterday. I was using that pitchback thing. Ill probally be out there all today to. I was superglad to yesterday, i cut my nails, i have been wanting to cut all of my nails for like 3 or 4 days, i dont like it when my nails get all long. Ooh shit man yesterday i got a condom! I was like hmm what to do with this try it on for size or do something funny with it. I am going to do something funny with it, that was my final descision. I am going to ducktape it to my stepdads exhaust pipe and when all the exhaust fills it up it will be all big and he will be driving with it on, man it is going to be so funny, but i am going to put a hole in it so it wont like give the car problems and stuff cause i dont want to be held accountable incase the car explodes or something, or ill just make something that looks like cum and ill throw it on his wind shield or something or on the door handle out side, but what ever i do it is going to be funny so i dont care. Hmm well i have to buy my brother vincent a c.d. today. Man listen to this marylou, He loves ICP that is all he listens to! EEWW man that band is so wack and horrable. The only thing i give them props to is are the skits that they do. Some are then are really funny i have to admit. But anyways i am going to be bored when i get home. I am going to listen to that SatYricon c.d. again man its so good. Oh shit, I also bought another pagans record yesterday its old pissed punk from 1977. Its real good. Hmm i want Under A Funeral Moon so bad nobody knows. Like you like the beatles and the doors i have and like my Darkthrone. Yep. Hmm well i have a feeling that this update is a long one but that is cool. Well i saw noe this morning. And i didnt feel anything, i was like,"Hey shes back thats cool" and then i got back to doing what i was doing, looking for sox because sox im my house is like gold. Its so rare to find a matching clean pair. One time i found a bunch of clean sox and i put them in my room and i didnt tell anybody, it was great. But now sox are rare again. Well im sure i could think of more shit to talk about. But i have to start my work anyway, ill be bored so if you want give me a call if you have my number. Ok well untill next time. Which is in P.E.


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