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Well I just brought up my typing grade right now to a C. I am so happy. All I did was turn in a timed writing that was 31 gwam. I can type faster than that but I have a hard time reading the book than typing. It sux, its my A.D.D.H.D supposedly, I have a hard time copying shit from the bored as well. Hmm yeah, some of those people are cool. Not all of them, just the ones I know. Oh you don't know my number? I will email it to you cause I am e-mailing you something in 5 period and with along with some bs on what I am doing. Well hopefully if all goes right I will have a job at Big O Tires on Cerritos. I have a couple of friends that work there and his boss said he'd give me a job during the summer so its cool. I don't know exactly what id be doing though. Well I will have a lot of spare time in the summer to. I wont be doing much though. Hmm, well tomorrow morning I am going to have menudo for breakfast. Yummy, but to bad it is the kind in the can, its the only O.K. kind there is in Cypress, during the summer I am going to be in Hawaiian Gardens a lot looking for good fast food Mexican stuff. Like taco and taquito and torta stands and just places like that, some of them are good and some of them are bad, I usually only eat at places with A grades though, if you wanna come along you can. Do you have a bike? Haha, I don't know if your gong to want to wonder around on a bike looking for places to eat. I tell you one thing, I am going to be eating at Genghis Kahn every week or every other week though, I love their food, and their green tea is awesome to. Its a good thing that it is right there on Lincoln, not to far from your house, just down the street. Well that is a good question you know, if Noe was to ask me out? Well first I would be shocked. I would be thinking for all this time and she asks NOW? I don't know what I would say. I would wonder why? Well I can see through her personality and wonder if this question is real, or just to mess with my head. I wouldn't know what to say. Yes or No. Since I don't like her any more in that way id say no, but at the same time I wonder if it would work? We live right next to each other. But at the same time I wouldn't want to get involved with a person who I don't want to get involved with. And we don't have much in common, I mean we can speak to each other but after a while you know it gets kinda hard (haha kinda hard hahain the way Beavis and butthead laugh) And its just different with me and her, were friends and stuff, but me and you get along and talk much better than any other girl. And even though the subjects we talk about are weird but we still find out more and more about each other. Not with me and Noe that happens, we just talk about crap, what is going on in out lives we don't talk like me and you talk. Noe is a friend but she is in the same category as other hot chicks that go to cypress its just that we are friends, as with other we are acquaintances and or never talk to each other. Like that Jamie girl I pointed out to you that was hot, I have never spoken to her and probably never will. She is just pretty and that's all she be for me, just a person to look at. But why wold you ask that question? I am just asking that outa curiosity that's all. Hmm well off the subject I spoke to Sayon for a while during lunch. She is cool, didn't you say that out of me tom and ben that she said I was the nicest or something. Well right when I came back from talking to you outside I typed this, that's cool that you just came and was standing out side haha. Well in that piece that I am giving you there is a theme in it. I hope you like it, its in that perspective. HAHA both of you came, haha sayon and you. HAHA that's cool. Am I really that HOT? Haha im just playin around. Hmm well I have to start my work, I have been doing this update almost the hole period, I have to get some work done. I'll see you tomrow in Pe marylou.


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