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Well i just woke up like 15 mins ago. Its almost 12. Im tired right now. Hmm well i enjoyed bieng with you yesterday. Some time like next week you gotta come over here to my house. Well i havent updated in a LONG time. Well it was wierd when i fist saw Lauren yesterday, but shes cool, she dont bother me. Neither does tracy. It was fun bieng in the ditch, it was cool, that thing is huge compared to what im used to. I like going down the ditch on my micro scotter. Haha, that soda can was horable wasnt it? Hmm well I can tell you that stuff in life, it just that id have a hard time telling you that infront of like other people who are there, but i could. Hmmm well you know were i live now marylou. The inside of my house is clean. My room is the dirtiest in the house, to lazy to clean. So what did u do last nite after i left, i just took a shower and went to bed. I was pretty tired, well my body was. Hmm damn this is short so far. Well yesterday was almost fun just sitting there on Tracees couch. :) I enjoyed my self, ill bring Joy Division next time i go. Hahah, i remembered when you had them little things on your lips, haha thats cool. Well i can crak backs well i just have to put my arms around you and squeeze your back, but you cant tense up or it wont work. Hmm, so well i hope i can go to the swap meet. I have to go eat and stuff. Well ill speak to u later on tonite.

Peace and love Marylou

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