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Hello every body!

Well right now I am pissed off! That bitch Ms. Morreale took my Vice mag and took it to my A.P.!!!!! I SWEAR WHAT THE HELL IS HER PROBLEM! ALL SHE HAD TO DO IS GIVE IT BACK TO ME AND ASK TO NEVER SEE IT AGAIN OR THROUGH IT AWASY!!@#@!$%!*&!$%@^% NOW I AM IN BIG BIG TROUBLE. MY MOM IS PISSED OFF AT ME BEYOND BELIEFE!!@@!. Why has Jesus bestowed this curse on me@!@!!! But getting another copy is no problem for me, but i don't know what is going to happen to my weekend!! Me and trevor are suppose to chill friday and stuff. But I am just worried about the punishment. Hmm I wonder how my mom will punish me? I dont know??? But oh well what ever. Ok well I have to start my work now so untill next time


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