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Hello evry body!

Well, yesterday was great. I was outside looking for my brother in my frontyard, noe was riding her little razor around and yelled "Chris!" in a happy tone of voice. Yeah, i was happy to get to speak to her, we haven't spoke or seen eachother in a while. We spoke for like 10 minutes, yeah she was hot. :) and so I was like GO ME! Hmm, well that is dope that you just sparked it up in your room and did not care that you were alone, I like to be with people when i do that, not im my room at 2 in the morning alone sitting there fucked up. DAMN POT HEAD!#$#@&$#*%#!#$@@#&&$%% You know im just playing. HEHE, Well right now im eating this Pica Limon stuff, you know the salty mexican candy, well i dont know if its condsiderd candy cause its not sweet. But its super salty!! Well im hungry right now as always. Well I think craig is coming after school today. He is going to buy my exploited record offa me. Then I can buy all my stuff, ita be dope!!!@%@. Well, I hope to see Noe today, that be sweet. Well instead of updating like you never do, why don't you email me? That would be cool. By the way, were u hooked up fat? How much you got left? Ok marylou well I gotta start me work now so untill next time

Peace can only come through understanding


P.s. C U @ school!
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