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Hello everybody!

Well I have not updated in a long time, for me that is. Hmm, well this weekend was crazy, I dont want to describe it on this thing, I dont trust it. Well I am pretty damn Hungry right now. Hmm, well I don't know what to spend the little bit of money I have on me right now, cds or that box record set. All I know is that my mom is going to have to give me a lot of money when school lets out because she said she hasn't been paying me lately for every week. But what ever, just more blackmetal if you think about it. Hmm, well I was telling u marylou last nite how I dont like anybody now, i gave up. But what ever. There still great girls, but not for me. Noe is going to Hawaii, thats cool, she says she is going to get a tan, she also said that she is like the whitest hawaiian there is, and i laughed. I have to do a family tree and i found out that i was even more mexican than i thought i was from the get go. I Have a great great granma named Cuca. That name is dope, i want some tripas right now, with a bowl of menudo, and some home made tortillas. I am really hungry right now. Some beans to. And some Dr. Pepper or a Tecate would be even better. Are you hungry? What do you want? Well I have to start my work now. So untill next time.

Give peace a chance

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