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Hello every body!

Well I havent updated in a LONG time. Well so much has happend. I enjoyed my weekend. Thanks again trevor. Well i dont know what to blab about. I am going to buy a cd hopefully to day depending how i feel. I got a bunch of money but i dont know what to buy. Isengard or Satryicon. I dont know i dont know. Hmm well with school going to be over pretty soon i am going to have my beloved internet again. We will be once again united. And hopefully ill be gettin that job and ill be making some cash money. Than once a week i will be going to Gengis Kahn. My favorite restuarant. That place is awesome. I love the rice and the beef. Its a buffet and you cook your own food on a little like skillet thing in the middle of your table. Man thinking about it just makes me hungry. Hmm what to blab about? Well feel free to email me marylou. Ill respond hopefully your email address will allow me to send mail to you. Like 100 percent of the time it doesnt. thats is why you dont get random emails from me. Otherwise id send you some all the time. Hmm, well i dont know what i have planned for today. I finished my sonet and my book report so thats all the big work i had to do. Damn i dont know what to talk about. Ok well the class is going to end. See you in P.E.


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