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Hello every body!

Hmm well i have to have step 3 on my final project done by the end of 5 period. I dont even have step 2 done! But my teacher is super understading and she will give me to monday hopefully. Hmm so you wanted me to talk about ass. Well jane has a nice ass. Well i just ommited a sentance right now ill tell you myself or ill email it to you. Hey do you want me to make an email for you since i cant send it to your aol account? Just ask and it will be done. Hmm ok i remember, i dont know what i would want this school to be filled with. NOt hippies and not punx. I think its just fine how it is, i just would like to take out all the assholes i know so i can be better. But out of the 2 i think i would want hippies to roam the campus because there better than punx. Punx can be great but a lot of them are assholes, but hippies dont take showers and complain about the ozone layer, the only thing that i like that they complain about the rain forest. I think that she should stop all the cutting down of the trees over there. I think that is it horrable that they would even consider going down over there to cut the trees. Its stupid. Hmm well i hope you enjoy blazing with nick. You were telling me that he is the only guy that is allowed to spend the nite over there. Thats cool, because your mom thinks he wont do anything. What if i was to spend the nite? That would be a strage experience. I cant even imagine what would go on marylou. Just think about it when your reading this at your work bored, it will keep you entertained for like 5 minutes. Hmm well on friday i will only be communicating with my other screen name, NocturnoIhsahn so dont instant message anything else other than that. I am giong to put all my tru buddies on that, i have alot of random people on JubaytheNinja. Yeah well anyway hopefully on Friday i will be getting Under A Funeral Moon, man that record is so good, that album contains one of my favorite songs. Well that SatYricon cd i bought on tuesday is so good. When i let you borrow it and just keep in mind the exact words that your said, "It takes no talent to make that music" there are only 2 guys in that band. Satyr does the guitar, bass, flute, acoustic guitar and organs i think, well Frost plays the drums. Haha thats cool huh? Hmm So why did you want me to talk about ass? Why is ass on your mind quite frequently? My eyes rome to see what i like, well thats what everybody does. Hmm so i dont know what to talk about. Hmm I have to pee right now. I have to hold it untill i get to Bionic or home, most likely home. Hmm well last nite well i was on the net for like 8 minutes last nite downloading this new font, its super cool! I like it and that is the one i will be using for quite a while now. So i dont want to have to go to that carnival on friday, i am not going to know anybody and there is goign to be girls there and just a bunch of people, I dont mind going to church but i dont feel right well i do but i just dont like to go, you understand right? FUCk i have been doign this thing for the most of the period. Hmm well I have to start my work and shit so ill see you tommrow marylou.


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