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Man i am so glad that i got my HTML tutorail shit thing done. Hmm well i saw noe this morning, when i was downloading my project i heard some laughing and i went to the window and she was walking with my neighbor and both of them were laughing. Her name is allison. She is not pretty at all. She is like pure german or something. I just yelled,"This is bullhonkey" for no reason other than bordem. Haha, im sitting here thinking about what my friend in 6 period yells. He yells,"Im a bridge" That guy is funny, he is John bench. Man these fumes are starting to give me a headache. So i dont know. Well Dont forget to bring the cd on Wednesday. You should listen to that cd when your alone, cause when you first hear it its going to be alien but if you listen to the drum beat and the guitar and everything else the beat is fucking awesome. I love SatYricon, there so good. The first song, second, third nevermind almost all of them i like, my favorite is 1-4 tracks. Hmm those people who hang out over by the libary are wierd huh? What do you think of them. How was the carne asada marylou? The fish and chips i had were good, i'd rather have carne asada. By the way i dont care how long your updates are, i dont get bored. Well i realized how lucky i am to have that password. I have full access to over 200,000 sites. to bad about 3/4 of them are shit sites. I hope i find a good one that fits my needs. They also have hentia sites to. But im not much in to that, but some of the girls drawn are hot. Well i have to start making this project look all pretty and stuff. See you at school tomorow. Sorry so short! :(


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